David Paris and Zoe Klein
Sunday, May 18, 2008
Dips, Drops, Lifts, and Tricks

Dave Paris & Zoe Klein in San Francisco

Dave Paris teaches and performs a unique blend of aerial acrobatics and Afro-Cuban folkloric dance with his dance partner ZoŽ Klein. He studied 7 years under the two most internationally acclaimed salsa-dancing schools: Eddie Torres and Razzmtazz. Dave leads popular workshops for all levels of dips, drops, lifts and tricks, Latin Hustle, and partner acrobatics. Now Dave is often found fantasizing how to throw ZoŽ higher and most impressively into the air. By day, Dave teaches 7th grade English and runs an acrobatic kids dance team at M.S. 88 in Brooklyn; by night, Dave travels to all the major salsa congresses around the world including Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, China, Korea, Puerto Rico, and Canada. He dreams of implementing a middle school acrobatic dance curriculum that integrates a rigorous academic program.

ZoŽ Klein has been dancing, designing lights and performing acrobatics in NYC since graduating Hampshire College with a BA in Dance and Cultural Studies. ZoŽ has studied modern dance and improvisation all her life and has shown work throughout NYC. While designing lights for a the Obey award-winning all-women's circus company LAVA, ZoŽ trained as their apprentice. She was also co-founding member of the circus/theater company KIRKOS with Kate Magram. Zoe loves flying trapeze, aerial fabric, and handstands. ZoŽís adoption from Colombia has had her maintain a strong cultural interest in Latin culture, particularly Afro-Cuban dance, which drove her to study Afro-Cuban Folkloric dance and drumming at Nacional Escuela Del Arte, Havana Cuba. She continues this path in performing with Dave Paris. Zoe was formally a Technical Director at Brooklyn Arts Exchange and Danspace Project Inc. yet continues light designing, production and stage management for dance in NYC.

In 2005 Dave Paris and ZoŽ Klein formed Paradizo Dance, an acro-balancing duo performing a provocative blend of show-stopping stunts and acrobatic theatrical artistry. They transform contemporary dance and performance art through circus in order to infuse people with a sense of endless possibility! Dave & ZoŽ love teaching the fundamentall physical bases of dips, drops, lifts, and tricks. They also teach trapeze, fabric, partner balancing, performance lifts & dips, and handstands. Together they performed for Cirque Boom, Tribecca Film Festival, Cuba Libre nightclub in Atlantic City, and other private events, fundraisers, conventional theaters and congresses worldwide including Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Australia, and New Zealand. To see a brief clip of Dave and Zoe working casually in their practice studio at home, click here.

Schedule of Events (prerequisite for classes: none)

1:00 - 2:00 Technique for Dips
This workshop explains the technique for leading and following dips in your dancing. Leaders will learn how to be smooth entrances and exit for making dips beautiful and easy. Ladies will learn how to hold themselves and to add style and flair to their dips. The workshop will explain leadable dips for social dance and choreographed dips for performances. To see Dave demonstrate some basic dips, click here

2:15 - 3:15 Technique for Drops
Drops are dynamic level changes that are fun, safe, and a great way to express the music. This workshop will teach the skills necessary for both leader and follow to execute a secure and controlled basic drop. From this basic move, many variations will be explored, including choices for entrances and exits.

3:30 - 4:30 The Fundamentals of Lifts and Tricks
This workshop will teach participants exciting moves to add flavor to their dancing. It explains basic technique for beginning level lifts and tricks and it is designed for people of all sizes and you do not need a partner. You will learn the 5 principles for making lifts effortless and beautiful and be able to apply these principles to all parts of your dancing.

4:30- 5:45 Five Course Gourmet Dinner
Romaine Salad with Cherry Tomatoes and Roasted Cashews, Amaranth, Quinoa, & Corn Chowder, Thai Chicken Soup with Bhutanese Red Rice, Spelt and Honeyed Squash Cassserole with Hazelnuts, Red Rice Pudding, French Baguettes, and Colombian Coffee

5:45 - 6:45 Dance Tricks
The trick workshop will teach two moves that are flashy and exciting to perform. Through learning these tricks, students will learn important fundamentals that can be applied to any and all level partner work. The workshop will teach moves that are below the shoulder and can be learned by any level of dancer.

7:00 - 10:00 Dance